Solution  Angel Heart Health Care Insurance

Solution Angel Heart Health Care Insurance

Help us start a new health insurance company that will sell insurance that is low cost full coverage. This new company will start a competitive tidal wave that will force the insurance companies to lower their prices or lose business. Who wins, you do. We want this company to be responsive to the average American this means that we can not take money from wealthy people or big business organizations that do not have your best interest at heart. We need your help and we need it now. We are not selling stock because it takes $500,000.00 to have attorneys prepare and submit the SEC filings to register with the United States Security Commission. After the filing we have to have the support of stock brokers that sell the stock of the same Health Insurance Companies that are now taking advantage of you.

Did we forget to mention that we also have to pay these stock brokers to sell our stock? Our solution is to sell something of value for a price and that something is a secure listing in our directory, so that at a latter date we can save you money through low cost health insurance.

Sign up now to be included in a secure directory for $10.00 to be used to fund this new insurance company. The directory will place you on a list to be contacted, so that we can contact you and offer you and your family low cost health care insurance along with a $100.00 one time reduction off the first year annual premium and a $50.00 off of the monthly premium for three years. This will result in a $700.00 savings the first year and $600.00 for the next two years.

Sign up now, before another 14% to 30% price increase from your health insurance company that will deny your family health care insurance and threaten your security.

This is a secure directory, your name and information will not be sold or shared with anyone. Secondly your information will be available to bonded employees on a need to know basis. All individuals and companies in the directory listing will be contacted about our low cost insurance plans once the company is open for business.