Nesco FD-75PR Best Fod Dehydrator

Nesco FD-75PR Best Fod Dehydrator

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At only 9pounds, the Nesco FD-75PR is an absolute kitchen must have for anyone who needs to dry their foods. It is agreeable that this particular product was made with the consumer’s comfort and convenience in mind. Its any features are proof to this. Unlike other food dehydrators, the Nesco FD-75PR only takes a few hours as opposed to days to dry different types of food. This guarantees convenience and guards against time and resource wastage making it one of the best food dehydrators.

Its design is unique and very kitchen friendly. It doesn’t take up too much space plus it blends in well with other kitchen equipment. It comes with five trays at the initial purchase which ensures that you dry several types of food at once. However, you are allowed to add up to 12 more trays in case you have more food to dehydrate. These are of course removable only to be used when necessary. This extra feature only adds to the already existing advantages.

No flavor exchange
The fact that the Nesco FD-75PR Food Dehydrator can hold five or more trays of different food does not mean that there will be exchange of flavors. It is commonly unimaginable to have your apples taste like bananas due to flavor exchange during dehydrating. This ensures that your food retains its original flavor and cross contamination effectively prevented. Peace of mind and safety are some of the things that you should be looking for in kitchen appliances. Nesco FD-75PR Food Dehydrator guarantees these and so much more.

Top located fan
The fan in this is located at the top instead of the usual bottom or sides fans with a thermostat of between 95 to 160 degrees F. The top fan comes in handy as it ensures that there is equal distribution of heat to all the trays hence even dehydration of food. This special feature sees to it that you do not have to rotate the trays manually to ensure that the foods in all the sections get evenly dehydrated. With the fan at the top also goes a long way in ensuring that liquids do not drip on to the heating chamber hence longer service of the food dehydrator. The converga-flow system of drying forces air down from the exterior chamber to then horizontally to each and every tray in the appliance. It then converges when it reaches to the center. This is the reason behind the fast, even and nutritious process and food.

Opaque exterior
The exterior of the Nesco FD-75PR is opaque all round to block harmful lights. Through this, the nutrients and wholesome of the food within the appliance is maintained. This unique factor ranks it among the best food dehydrators in the market.

Easy to clean
Apart from these amazing features, customers who have bought and used the Nesco FD-75PR seem to be very pleased due to the fact that it is very easy to clean. The parts can be disassembled and washed separately. However, it is unfortunate that the extra trays are not dishwasher friendly. Their material under heat warps the trays hence a disadvantage.

Easily available parts
The fact that the accessories are easily available is also a favorable to many customers. In case of damage to the original accessories, you can find the same parts easily available in stores which contribute to convenience. Sometimes this feature is only offered by the best food dehydrators.

Easy to assemble and use
It doesn’t take a genius to operate the Nesco FD-75PR . It is very easy to use and the attached manual that comes with it ensures this.

Free recipe book
The recipe manual that comes with the purchase of the Nesco FD-75PR seemed to have pleased some customers. According to them, having such a useful appliance with little knowledge on what do with the food after is not favorable. The recipe manual encourages them to use it more as well as have different types of food on their menu everyday.

There were some disappointing factors noticed by customers though. The Nesco FD-75PR does not have a timer hence forcing you to use a separate alarm system to keep you on your toes for when the food is done. It would have been much better if this little aspect was put into consideration.
It also does not have an on/off switch which forces one to have to plug it out of the socket to turn it off.

Jerky is one of the many foods that can be prepared with the help of this appliance. The free jerky spices included with the purchase of this dehydrator are appreciated by customers.