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Trends for Low-Fat Diet to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Young Age and Breast Conserving Therapy Are Risk Factors for Loco-Regional Recurrences of Breast Can

Screening May Over-diagnose 1 in 10 Breast Cancers

In 2005 Important Advances Made in Breast Cancer Treatment and Detection

Clues for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Tamoxifen Benefit for Breast-Cancer Patients Tied to Inherited Gene

Effectiveness of Radioactive Seed Localization for Pinpointing Breast Tumors

Questionnaire Identifies Women at Risk of Inherited Breast or Ovarian Cancer

Letrozole''s Benefit for Breast Cancer Patients

Hormone Therapy Does Not Help Quality of Life

Testosterone Therapy Improves Sexual Function in Post Menopausal Women

''Blackberry Thumb'' Proves a Sour Fruit of Modern Labor

Long-term narcotics use for back pain may be ineffective, leading to abuse

About 5 Percent of Adults With Insomnia Use Alternative Therapies

In-Home Sensors Spot Dementia Signs In Elderly

Psychological Treatments Improve Outcomes for Back Pain Sufferers

Screening May Over-diagnose 1 in 10 Breast Cancers

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Description : Healthy is everything, keep the body fit, do regular simple exercise or fitness to staying healthy and get the benefit quality of life.

Health Tip: Using a Nicotine Patch

Health Tip: Diabetes and Gum Disease

''Hot'' Toys May Not Be the Best Present

Bat Saliva-Based Stroke Drug Disappoints in Trial

Marital Distress May Affect Breast Cancer Recovery

Coated Stents Better Than Bare Metal Ones in Short Run

Experts Say Blood Sugar Guidelines Remain Effective

Depression, Anxiety Hinder Quality of Life After Stroke

Elective Early Deliveries Pose Risks for Babies

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