weight loss diet exercise

weight loss diet exercise

weight loss diet exercise

Study to look at mind and diet

CARDIFF, Wales, Aug. 25 (UPI) -- Researchers from Cardiff University in Wales plan to explore how psychological barriers get in the way of dieting.

"Everyone knows how to lose weight -- you simply need to eat less and exercise more," Katy Tapper, who is in charge of the study, told the Western Mail. "But putting this into practice is much more difficult. Food isn''t just about energy in. We''ll often eat because everyone else is eating, we''ve had a bad day at work, or the chocolate fudge cake just looks too good to resist."

Tapper and her colleagues are recruiting volunteers for the study. They will use meditation techniques that have been used to help smokers quit and see if that helps with dieters.

"Instead of focusing on counting calories or reducing fat, these workshops will look at ways of coping with some of the psychological difficulties associated with sticking to a diet and maintaining weight losses," Tapper said.

Diet blogs: Down 100 pounds or more

The secret to losing weight and keeping it off can be summed up in three words, "diet and exercise." Easier said than done though, right? Just ask Nicole, YP, and LK. Each has lost over 100 pounds and struggles daily with weight, exercise and the ability to live a normal lifestyle in a world filled with constant temptation.

Adventures of a Born Again Gym Bunny

YP''s profile states, "I''m trying to maintain a 100-pound weight loss the old fashioned way, with healthy eating and lots of exercise. This doesn''t feel like the end of the journey, it feels like I''ve only just started learning how to live a healthy but enjoyable life."

The sidebar of YP''s blog reveals her steps towards permanent weight loss. Aside from a "blip from September 2004 to January 2005″, her losses from 260 pounds in July 2004 to approximately 160 pounds late July of this year, have been steady and significant.

The EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health ...

Obesity is one of the most serious health challenges facing Europe today. European Union (EU) citizens are exercising too little and eating too much - too much energy, too many calories, too much fat and sugar, and salt. The main consequence is a sustained, acute EU-wide increase in overweight and obesity. The increase is particularly severe for children and adolescents.

The EU has an important role to play in containing or reversing the current trend. EU policy affects food safety, public health, education, internal market and agricultural issues. The European Commission is in the process of reviewing how various EU policies could contribute to the fight against obesity. .

Frozen Diet Meals May Not Be Healthy

With little time to go out for lunch, many opt for frozen meals. But NBC 30 found out that watching the nutrition labels is key.

Lona Sandon, a dietician, said, Some of those frozen foods are going to be just as bad in calories and fat as what you might buy at a fast food restaurant." She recommends paying close attention to calories, fat and sodium. To keep it in the healthy range, total calories should be between 400 and 600 calories. .

Diet blogs: Girls blog from around the world

The dialect of a Scottish woman trying to lose weight and recounting her efforts in a blog makes for an interesting read, to say the least. Within her written words I can hear her accent in my mind, and it intrigues me to moonlight as a Scottish lassie for the day.

Check out her blog, along with a blog from a Canadian girl trying to overcome obstacles and become her best in the quest to lose weight .

The Fat Party is O-V-E-R

Lainey, 26 years old, modestly writes in her profile, "I''m just a normal gal trying to lose a few, okay about 60, pounds."

June 30 marked the one-year anniversary of Lainey''s blog, and she celebrated by recounting some of the milestones she''s reached:

In the past year, the loss of 8 pounds has been accompanied by a whole host of other benefits:

My blood pressure has dropped I''m a size smaller on the top half (UK 12/14) and am edging closer to a size 16 on the bottom My lower back hardly ever hurts where as before it was a twice daily occurrence I''m normal! I''m still big but I''m a girl with a big backside — not a fat blob I can run 5K in nearly 30 minutes I hardly ever bruise anymore — you have to hit me really hard"

Zanna cheered Lainey on, writing, "Happy blog birthday Lainey.

''Cleansing'' Diets May Be Worthless, Dangerous

Molly Davis lives a healthy lifestyle, but she decided recently that she wanted to help her body "perform optimally."

What she needed, she thought, was a flush of her system. So the Atlanta-based advertising director chose what might be the most popular "detox" regimen, the Master Cleanse.

For 10 days, she ate no solid food. Instead, she drank at least eight glasses a day of a concoction combining lemon juice, water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. In the mornings, she drank two full quarts of salt water. In the evenings, she drank a laxative tea.

The results were as dramatic as would be expected: "I felt like hell," Davis tells WebMD. She suffered from headaches, acne, and irritability. A strange whitish film covered her tongue.

She also lost 10 pounds.