Tips for Job Interview

Tips for Job Interview

Interviewing for jobs can be as simple as you want it to be. Of course an interview can be intimidating, especially since he or she dictates your current future. But there are ways to prepare for job interviews that are less frightening. The first place to start is with a resume. Having an organized resume with the proper layout will get you your foot in the door. Think of it this way: a resume is the first impression you will make with a potential employer. Resumes should not be colored and should be in a readable, serif font. The design should be simple and no graphics should be present. Your contact information should be easily accessible, and your name should be easily seen and in a larger font size.

The next step is to prepare yourself for possible questions that you could be asked in an interview. Although a lot about you will be stated in your resume, an interviewer may ask you to elaborate on some of the details. For instance if your resume says that you speak Portuguese, an interviewer might say to you “Por que você quer trabalhar
para nós” to see how well you speak that language.

Common questions can include details about your education, past work experience, internships, work commitment, responsibility level, ability to meet deadlines, social skills, ability to take criticism, and punctuality. It is important to note that extremely long answers can be a negative, as can very short answers. Don’t feel bad talking yourself up. That is the point of an interview. Show confidence but do not be narcissistic in your answers. You want to be seen as a leader but also a team player, in most cases. Also when answering questions be sure to not fidget or look around the room too much.

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