The Effects of Our Thermal Massage Bed

The Effects of Our Thermal Massage Bed

Golden Health Care Center offers a variety of great thermal massage beds that uniquely integrate medical ideas from the East with those from the West. Our therapeutic beds use heat to heal your body and give you the best massage experience possible.

Principles of our Thermal Massage Bed

Acupuncture and Acupressure Points
Eastern physicians have long known that particular points on a person are connected to organs in the body. Our Thermal Massage Bed utilizes this wealth of knowledge by placing both heat and pressure to those points.

The treatment uses helium to produce heat, and jade massage heads to create pressure. This dual form of treatment focuses its attention on the area near and around the spine, the same pressure points that are used in acupuncture and acupressure.

Principles of Eastern Medicine Applied to Modern Technology
Eastern thermal therapy has shown that heat applied to certain points of the body will accelerate blood circulation. Also, when stimulating certain areas of the body with heat, the body functions better; internal organs become strengthened, and overall digestion improves. Thermal therapy also increases your immunity, promotes hormone secretion, and loosens tight muscles.

Using helium to conduct heat in thermal treatments utilizes a breakthrough in modern technology. Helium has been known to use a higher wavelength of heat than other elements, and because of this, it conducts heat more effectively and efficiently than traditional heating methods. Heat conducted by helium travels beyond the surface, deep into the neural and muscular cell levels.

This combination of modern technology with a traditional healing treatment gives you the best of thousands of years of wisdom with the cutting-edge scientific advancements of the modern day.

The Effects of Our Thermal Massage Bed
In recent clinical trials, it was found that this particular form of thermal therapy has been beneficial to various illnesses, including gastro enteric disorder, constipation, headaches, blood pressure problems, and lessen muscular pains.