High Protein Snacks For Busy Women – A List to Make Your Own Snacks

High Protein Snacks For Busy Women – A List to Make Your Own Snacks

High protein snacks are a wonderful option if you find yourself too busy to make your high protein meals. Women who are adopting a high protein diet to lose weight will probably want the fastest and easiest way of preparing high protein snacks that they can easily bring everywhere they do.

If you are a woman who usually indulges in ice cream, chocolate, chips and candy between meals, high protein snacks will make a good alternative for these cravings.

Quick Beef

Lean veal and beef are one of the best sources of protein around but it will be a hassle to prepare and cook it. The solution?

Enjoy the benefits of high protein snacks from the beef jerky which comes in a variety of flavors!

You can either prepare your own in advance or buy them off the supermarket. But watch out though, these high protein snacks which you buy off the racks can be high in salt. So if you are unable to grab those which are low in salt, it might be a better idea to prepare your own beef jerky to use as high protein snacks throughout the day.

Protein bars & shakes as high protein snacks

High protein snacks such as protein bars and shakes can easily be bought too. They save you a lot of time and pack all the protein that you need into one quick serving.
You should watch out for fat and sugar content as some brands may use it to fill up their product.

The good thing about protein shakes is that you can personalize them into your own version of high protein snacks by adding in bits of fruits if the flavor is too bland. Most protein shakes come with their own flavors such as chocolate and strawberry.

Fruits in Yoghurt

Speaking about fruits, yoghurts make good high protein snacks too. Blueberries and cherries generally go well with yoghurt, and there is not need to opt for low fat one, but it is a personal choice.

Dry options for high protein snacks

If the above sounds too messy for you, there are dryer options that will keep your fingers mostly clean. Nuts and sunflowers make perfect high protein snacks. There is no preparation required, and you can easily store them in small zip-lock bags to bring along to work.

If you are getting a little bored of munching on them, you can toss them into your yoghurt or add them into your lunch time salad for added crunch!

Use your creativity to make your own high protein snacks!

There is no limit as to how you want to make your own high protein snacks. You can make a sandwich using a combination of high protein ingredients and just prepare a mash up of whatever is available in your kitchen.

Here is a list of foods that can help you to make your own high protein snacks:

  • Cheese (parmesan is low in sodium, but you can use mozzarella and swiss cheeses too)
  • Mature beans (soybeans, Lupin beans)
  • Lean veal and beef
  • Roasted pumpkin, squash and watermelon seeds
  • Lean meats (chicken, turkey, pork and lamb)
  • Fish (tuna, anchovies, salmon)
  • Fish Eggs (roe and caviar)
  • Yeast extract spread (Marmite)
  • Lobster and crab
  • Lentils, pulses and peanuts

Sometimes if you are out of ideas and just want something quick, eggs also count as high protein snacks and are one of the fastest to whip up. Plus, you can throw in greens and meat to make your own omelette!

Can I prepare my high protein snacks before hand?

You surely can! One of the best ways is to cut up your ingredients in smaller portions and store them in air tight containers. For example, you can cut up your favorite fruits, or prepare blueberries so that the next time you want to make yourself some high protein snacks, all you need to do is to throw the already-cut fruits into your yoghurt or protein shakes.

It is always a good idea to have some store-bought high protein snacks such as beef jerky or protein bars. If you are rushing out for a meeting, you can simply grab one of these and chew on them on the way out. This also makes you less likely to take the “shortcut” by getting a donut or muffin from the coffee house.

Ready made high protein snacks can also go into your bag for you to snack on later in the day, such as after heading to the gym or a swim.

High protein snacks do not usually need to be boring and awful-tasting. Women may sometimes binge more before their periods and tend to crave for other unhealthy snacks. But if you have a good inventory of ingredients at home that can make high protein snacks, you will be able to overcome the impulsive eating!

Another tip to make sure that you are only having high protein snacks between meals is to throw away all the junk food at home. No ice cream, candy, chocolates, chips or soda.

Once you get these items out of the house, you will be forcing yourself to prepare only healthy, high protein meals and eventually this pattern of healthy eating will become a habit.

What are some of your favorite high protein snacks?

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