Color Of Blood  Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

Color Of Blood Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

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Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

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Orange is a popular citrus fruit from southeast Asia, which is also known as Chinese Apple in many languages. Apart from oranges, the other citrus fruits include lime, lemons and grapefruits, among others. Orange fruits are fleshy, soft and derived from a single ovary, seed called as pip and the white thread like material inside the peel is called as pith.

Oranges come in many varieties such as Blood Oranges, Navel Oranges, Persian Oranges and Valencia Oranges, to name the few. The juice of blood oranges is dark burgundy colored resembling the color of blood and hence the name blood orange. Navel oranges get the name from human navel, as it looks like human navel from outside. Persian Oranges are grown widely in southern Europe, and since the first fruits introduced to Italy were bitter, the sweet oranges brought from India by Portuguese traders have become more popular. Valencia Oranges find extensive use in orange juice extraction because of its sweet taste and it being a late season fruit, it is a popular orange variety in many countries.

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