Agave – Nectar or Not?

Agave – Nectar or Not?


Leaf closeup
Leaf closeup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is the in-Vogue sweetener of choice at the moment, with all sorts of claims that it is 100% natural, raw, healthy, full of nutrients, good for your health, and a great alternative to other sugars.

Unfortunately, Agave Nectar is NOT a natural sweetener, and neither is it truly raw. It is a new, refined product brought to the marketplace in the 1990s.

It has increased the wealth of those producing it, and decreased the health of those consuming it.

So what is the low down on this sweetener of choice for many health food fans, which is found in abundance in many products including raw chocolate, raw cakes and biscuits, and raw food recipes?

Research indicates that Agave Nectar is no better for you than high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and HFCS is a sugar derived from corn that has all sorts of negative implications for your health if eaten regularly. HFCS is high in fructose and is well known for being an unhealthy sweetener and a real no no for your body if you cherish your wellness and weight. Agave nectar has been shown to contain more fructose than HFCS. This makes it a poorer product than many of the alternative sugars and sweeteners on the high street that health food fans strive to avoid, opting instead for Agave – a sweetener they mistakenly believe is a healthier alternative.

Agave is from a succulent plant found mainly in Mexico. In order to get it from the plant to the shop shelf it has to be refined. Refining Agave changes it’s composition and creates an end product that is high in fructose. Fructose is foreign to the body. It is not natural, is not as nature intended, and is responsible for many health problems including weight/fat gain, liver disease, insulin resistance leading to diabetes, mineral depletion and cardiovascular disease.

If you cherish your body and wish to achieve wellness and/or weight loss, our recommendation to you is to avoid Agave Nectar, just as we recommend you avoid all other refined sugars.

Agave: It might taste like nectar but is not good for your health or your hips..