Why is our System so effective?

Why is our System so effective?

Simply because it is more than just needed testing supplies. Developed with leading researchers and certified diabetic educators our system delivers the three things you need to better manage diabetes.

Quality testing supplies, delivered conveniently to your door, every 90-days. Plus a tracking system that helps prevent hospitalizations. Plus education and nutrition advice developed by certified diabetic educators.

If you have insurance your supplies may be covered. Call us to find out how.

With Total Health Diabetes you get the total system for the price of just supplies. Look how our system compares:

“I needed to get control of this before it took over one of my organs”

- Molly H.

Molly‘s goal was to get her sugar level under control so she could feel good and prevent further damage to her vital organs. Through TRACK she was able to see her fluctuating blood sugar level and start to see what foods were making her feel bad. Now she knows when she can snack and when she needs to pick a healthier choice.
“I am no longer diabetic, and use the system to keep it that way!”

- Richard W.

Richard knew he was travelling a dangerous path of diabetes related complications like heart and kidney disease. He wanted to stop diabetes in it’s tracks. By using our guide book, coupled with recipes and the exercise tips the Total Health system he ate healthier, got moving and lost weight. By reducing his weight he was able to reverse his diagnosis.
“I am finally off my medication, have lost over 30lbs and feeling fantastic”

- Marty H.

Marty had decided that if she could she wanted to get off the medication she was using to control her diabetes. She started by creating a satisfying daily menu for herself and soon the pounds began to melt away. With constant monitoring from her doctor she was able to lose enough weight that she went off medication and has stayed off it for over 6 months.