Tips to save your back while shoveling  Colorado Health Community

Tips to save your back while shoveling Colorado Health Community

Tips to save your back while shoveling

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Tips to save your back while shoveling

Submitted by Colleen Vaillancourt on Thu, 12/30/2010 - 17:28

Another year has come and gone. As I reflect back on 2010, I am grateful for many things; my family, friends, health, teaching pilates, practicing Chiropractic care and now offering Reiki all in the gorgeous state of Colorado. Most of you know that I don''t have a lot of family in Colorado so it is a pleasure and honor to meet and care for so many wonderful families. Having the ability and opportunity to help others feel better and get back to their life is a responsibility I cherish and am extremely thankful for. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell all of you, Thank-You. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

Maintain an even firm grip on the shovel, but no white knuckles to avoid unnecessary stress into your hands and wrists.

Alternate arms on the shovel to avoid over use and injury of an arm.

Keep shoulders in a strong and safe position while shoveling.

Use your core and bend with your knees (squat - using quads/hams and gluts) when attempting to lift the shovel. Bending at your hips will put your back at risk for injury.

Don''t load the shovel with too much snow.

Wear boots/shoes with a good tread to avoid slipping or falling.

Pivot with your feet when throwing the snow (like a golf pivot) instead of twisting. Twisting can be safe with a strong core - just don''t twist too far and switch sides.

If you push the snow - get a shovel that is tall enough to avoid hunching over.

Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of winter around you.

Once done, head inside for a glass of water and some light stretches to avoid sore muscles for the next few days.

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