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Know fruit nutrition facts to depend on fruits blindly!

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Almost each and everyone from the kids to the aged all over the world love fruits. Fruits are the gift of the Mother Nature to us. Fruits can provide instant boost ups and can also quench thirst and satisfy hunger simultaneously. The ancient people never took antioxidant and other food supplements but lived healthy and longer as they were dependant on fruits. Being both nutritious and delicious these are prescribed by the dieticians for dieting.

What are the different types of fruits?

Tropical Fruits are found in tropical countries and have remarkably great taste. Various tropical foods are grown across the world. Avocado and banana are most popular tropical foods.

Exotic fruits include a small group of fruits such as star fruit, persimmon etc. some of the exotic foods are tropical also.

Accessory fruits are simple fruits that develop from inferior ovaries. apple, strawberry, quince, pineapple, watermelon belong to this group.

Hybrid fruits are a never ending group as more and more cross breeding is being done either between breeds of the same category or between different species. These grow to an enormous size.

Fruits are full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants etc. These also have low fat and a source of fructose and have unique nutrition profile that can keep us free from diseases and stay healthy. Fruits have manifold benefits and the followings are some of the major reasons.

Provide plenty of soluble dietary fiber that helps to lower cholesterol level and relive constipation as well.

Contain vitamin-C, an anti oxidizing agent that boost up the immunity level and also acts as an anti-aging substance.

Poly-phenolic flavonoids and anthocyanins present in some “blue-fruits“ like blue-black grapes, blueberries and blackberries etc. As these are rich in blue pigments offer many health benefits. These also have anti-oxidant properties to remove free radicals from the body.

The vitamins and minerals content also help the body to rejuvenate cells, tissues and organs.

Have low calorie content and therefore ideal low calorie food.

Have high Potassium content that helps control blood pressure level.

Folate present in the fruits helps to form red blood cells and also reduces many birth defects.

Here are some nutritional facts about some fruits.

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Know fruit nutrition facts to depend on fruits blindly!

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