No Gym Needed Workout  Pursuit of Healthy Happiness

No Gym Needed Workout Pursuit of Healthy Happiness

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Welcome! Never miss a post! Sign up here to stay up-to-date! RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!The gym. I finally get there after a long day of work only to search for a parking spot for 15 minutes. Once I’ve made it inside, have gotten changed, and unknotted the behemoth mess that was once my headphones, I begin my workout (which I ,of course, have pre-planned).

Ugh….someone’s on my favorite machine. Just sitting there…texting. Ok, I’ll just switch up my routine a bit, on to the fly machine. Eww, that very sweaty man just got up and didn’t wipe the machine down-I’ll just give it a quick wipe. I walk to to get the spray bottle, trip and face-plant…on free weights that have been abandoned in the middle of of the floor….

Alright, so maybe all of these things don’t happen in succession each time I go to the gym. And I have never actually face-planted (knock on wood). But sometimes, after a stressful day I just don’t feel like dealing with the gym, or my little gym pet peeves. Sometimes I don’t want to waste time driving, or am traveling and don’t have access to a gym, or I would just rather be in the comfort of my own home.

So, I give you the “No Gym Needed Workout”. It can pretty much be done anywhere. You don’t need a lot of space or any sort of equipment. And you don’t have to deal with little annoyances or distractions. You can focus on you.

How to properly perform: High Knees Plank Up-Downs Wall Sit Mountain Climbers Bridge

This is a great little workout on its own and it allows for plenty of variations to increase or decrease the intensity. If you feel like amping it up, try doing some arm work afterwards. Enjoy!

What are your gym pet peeves?

What are your favorite at-home exercises?

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