As you age, you might have found that performing sexually has become a bit more difficult than when you were a teenager or in your 20’s. If you don’t want to sacrifice your sex life because you have gotten older, you can try ND-12 to increase your sexual performance regardless of your age.

How Does ND-12 Work?

The ND-12 website claims that this natural male enhancement supplement is being used by over 3 million men and is actually the #1 selling natural male enhancement supplement in the world.

Not only this, but ND-12 claims to be able to increase blood flow for stronger erections, increase your sexual stamina, and even please sexually at any time.


One definite Pro to ND-12 is that it claims to not have any side-effects. This is fantastic news to those who have tried risky male enhancement supplements in the past. One of the likely reasons that there are no side-effects to using ND-12 is that it is made of all-natural ingredients.

We also appreciate the ingredients in ND-12. They are grown all over the world and have been used successfully for many years. In particular, Tongkat Ali, Maca, L-Arginine, and Ginseng are fantastic ingredients that have been used to increase sexual performance and function. These ingredients also appear in high amounts that will allow users to see impressive results.

When we look at the prices of ND-12, we are happy to see that even though individual bottles of ND-12 are a bit expensive, bulk purchases of ND-12 are very affordable. For each month-supply of ND-12 costs only $20 when bought in a year-supply.

We also like that the ND-12 website is filled with reviews from men who have found success using ND-12. With 3 million men who have found success using ND-12, we can’t really disagree with the formula. Clearly it has been successful.


One thing that we don’t love about ND-12 is that it is a bit expensive when purchased in a month-supply. One month actually costs $54.99, placing it out of the reach of many men. If it is bought in bulk, however, this cost is definitely alleviated a bit.

Another thing that we are concerned about is the proprietary blend that is listed on the label of ND-12. It has a high amount of ingredients, meaning that the power of each individual ingredient is weakened because of the reduced amounts.

Even though we don’t see a beneficial proprietary blend, we see that there are successful ingredients that are present in higher amounts that redeem the ND-12 formula.

Our Thoughts

Even though ND-12 has a proprietary blend and is a bit expensive, we think that the fantastic ingredients, money back guarantee, cheaper price when bought in bulk, user reviews, and lack of side-effects make us like ND-12 a lot. Because of this, we can recommend ND-12 as a supplement for men everywhere who are looking to improve sexual performance.