Cisco Network Simulator

Cisco Network Simulator

An Overview Of The Cisco Network Simulator

For an enriching learning experience, Cisco offers several devices and tools to its students. These devices and tools are aimed at developing and enhancing the skills of the student. One such device is the Cisco network simulator. Compared to other router simulation software, the network simulator from CCNA is the most powerful and can help students enhance hands-on CCNA skills. Unlike other expensive lab hardware that can completely blow up the budget of the student, this one calls for minimal investment. Less costs and great returns, this network simulator seems to be a highly cost effective device.

While theory is important, practicing whatever learnt in theory classes is even more important. To help sever this purpose this network simulator helps students practice network skills. With more that 100 structured CCNA labs that include 37 standalone labs, 20 sequential labs, 26 scenario labs, and 22 advanced labs available to the student, he or she gets to practice and learn a lot more. Practicing in such a well-structured format gives the students a great learning experience.

The network simulator form Cisco is one of the best software available in the category. This network simulator offers several interesting features for easy learning. One of these features is the ability they impart to students to design their own networks. With the help of drag-and-drop Boson Network Designer that the simulator features students can design their network. This Boson Network Designer has the ability to can simulate up to 200 devices by using multiple routers and switches.

Offering the students practical learning is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of the network simulator from CCNA. It gives the student the opportunity to experience practical knowledge as well. With this network simulator, the students are able to experience the actual network device response. The students get their experience as each simulated routing and switching protocol has it''s own routing and bridging table for true-to-life routing and switching simulation.

The purpose of the CCNA network simulator is not just to offer the students practical learning. But it also reinforces the knowledge that the student has gathered as a part of his classes or has studied from books. It includes dynamically linked excerpts from CCNA INTRO and ICND Exam Certification Guides, which are the best selling, guides written by well known author Wendell Odom.

The increasing popularity of the network simulator and with more people realizing its efficacy, license serve editions of the same has also been introduced. These license serve editions let you expand your library and that too without having to spend huge bucks on it. The Cisco network simulator makes for a great device for the students. If you want your students to experience a better learning experience, head for this one right now.